Grow your market reach – not your dev team.

LocaleApp enables you to automate, manage, and professionally translate your content so that you can conquer global markets – simply and efficiently.

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i18n localization platform

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First class Rails integration – for faster, happier, more productive developers.

  • Never leave the terminal – pull and push translations directly from the CLI with one simple command.
  • Everything is automatically synced in development mode so that you never forget to submit a translation string.
  • Native ruby gems integration, coded with love by Rails contributors.
Global Audiences And Markets

Think global, speak local – for experiences that thrill your customers.

  • Engage with your customers on a whole new level and boost your conversion rates and satisfaction scores.
  • With over 100 supported languages, and virtually infinite regional variants, LocaleApp enables you to build delightful multilingual experiences.
  • Operate on a global, international scale and leverage built-in expert knowledge of language specifics and particulars to get your message across.

A shared and collaborative workspace – for accountable teams and on-time projects.

  • Bring everyone onto the same page by inviting your team of in-house translators, proofreaders, managers and developers to LocaleApp’s cloud platform.
  • Real-time progress indicators mean that you’re in control of how well your projects are advancing, at a glance.
  • Easily see which languages are in need of your attention and reach 100% completion in record time.
Accountable Localization Translation Progress
Localization Automation Processes

Powerful Automation – for continuous localization and delivery.

  • Develop > Translate > Build > Release – with LocaleApp, your localization pipeline really is that simple.
  • It’s a fact; typos happen and new features need to be deployed quickly. Stop your translation process from being a show stopper. Automation allows you to ship quickly, often and reliably.
  • Forget endless email chains, huge unwieldy spreadsheets and broken file formats – our centralized workflow enables your teams to stay agile and focused on the work that matters.
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Efficient and Effective Localization and Translation

A centralized localization working environment that seamlessly integrates with your project. Instantly provided by LocaleApp