Making internationalization, i18n and translation services for your app simple.

Locale offers a straight-forward, accessible and efficient way to complete localization on your site or app.

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Locale Interface for Internationalization, i18n and translation services

We handle 6.8 Million+ translations in over 100 languages for amazing brands :

Locale Internationalization Customers

What localization features does Locale offer?

Programmers, focus on coding

Locale delivers seamless integration with your development process.

Product managers, expand your reach into new markets

Locale brings coders, translators and project leaders together on a collaborative work platform.

Businesses, grow and thrive

Locale provides professional translation services on demand in 50 languages for all multilingual projects.

Ruby on Rails localization made easy

Locale is a translation solution for Ruby and Rails stacks with integrated YAML imports and exports.
With over 10 years of experience, we love, and are committed to, working with Ruby and Rails. As developers ourselves, we created Locale to scratch a multilingual itch that we couldn’t find a cure for.

Why use Locale for your translation and i18n?

The vast majority of business websites and apps are coded in one language, English. The issues begin to arise when other languages need to be implemented.

Employing translators to work with your content means trouble for your syntax and this process needs to happen for every new language and every new sentence.

Locale erases those woes.

Collaborative Localization with Locale

Simple, collaborative and centralized.

Localization made simple with Locale

  • Each translation is centralized in our application. That means that Locale ensures that translators and developers can work in tandem, at the same time, without fear of overwriting each others work.
  • The development environment employs automatic uploads for translations meaning everything is accounted for.
  • Translations are organized in a hierarchy of keys making them easily navigable.
  • Locale allows you to speak to your audience in a familiar style thanks to its awareness of native linguistic nuances.
  • Pluralization? No headaches here. Each key is provided and available.
i18n Developer Tools with Locale

Your work, your tools, your way.

Work your way – i18n and localization to fit your toolkit

  • Developers can easily, manually push translations with our CLI or use our interface.
  • Locale is designed with a quick feedback loop in mind. You’ll be able to access our open source library to pull updated translations automatically whilst in development mode.
  • The accessible API allows you to integrate with your service in an endless number of different ways.
Easy progress tracking for localization projects

Quick, efficient, instant progress tracking.

Tracking the progress of your i18n projects

  • There’s no need to email files back and forth to update each locale. Due to the fact that each project and their locales are centralized, you’ll find that wasted time, broken syntax and errors are a thing of the past.
  • No need to wonder if a feature is translated. Each project clearly shows your progress for each locale in percentage terms.
  • Understand your progress at a glance and see what still needs action.
  • If you want to check in on a specific locale’s progress then you can filter by each individual one.
Translation and Localization for Copywriters

Live previews, instant updates and changes on the fly.

Locale for l10n and i18n copywriters

  • Once your developer has created a preview server, you’ll be able to see the changes that you make in real time with a simple click of save.
  • Edit your translations. Save them. View the changes live on your preview site.
  • No more guessing what your live site might be. Adjust your content for the best impact on your page.
Professional translation services for localization projects with Locale

Localization translation software built for translators

  • Translators making use of Locale’s search feature can find and check translations easily.
  • Locale’s validations guarantee that when it comes to the code your submissions are accurate and correct.
  • Pluralization is made simple. Strings are automatically set up by default when a new locale is added to your project.
  • The Locale interface is designed with efficiency in mind. Keyboard shortcuts allow for rapid completion of localization and translation projects.
  • Working at a faster, more efficient rate means less wasted time and more completed translations.
Locale - a collaborative translation environment

Translation collaboration for internationalization

  • Leading a project? Explore the history of all the translations that have occured and easily track the progress of your i18n and l10n projects.
  • You maintain the ownership of your project. Our permissions are put in place to ensure that your work is protected.
  • Invite your team members easily and enjoy Locale’s collaborative work environment.
Automated internationalization translation by Locale

Automate your translation

  • Simply want to automate your translation process? Don’t have access to a locale translator? Looking to get a project completed quickly?
  • Our network of professional, native speaking translators are ready and waiting. They can provide perfect translations at the drop of a hat.
  • The price is transparent and clear from the start on a per word basis.

Efficient and Effective Localization and Translation

A centralized localization working environment that seamlessly integrates with your project. Instantly provided by Locale